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Tours in Chianti

Fiesole Go is proud to organize and offer to you beautiful guided tours of the Chianti area in the saddle of one of our electric mountain bikes, you will discover one of the most famous wine areas in the world., an experience that will remain with you forever and that will allow you to experience a day immersed in nature, wine, history and traditions that are centuries old from the beautiful region of Tuscany.
In the comfort of our cars our professional drivers will accompany you, in less than one hour from our headquarters in Fiesole, to the various starting points of the many tours that FIESOLE GO offers in the heart of Chianti.
Waiting for you will be our e-mtb and our expert tour guides who will accompany you for the whole tour.

Our 4x4 automobile will be available for our clients throughout the entire route to cater to any necessity or urgency which may arise.
With our Chianti Tours there is also the option of adding a tasting/lunch at an establishment selected by us in order to offer you the highest quality wine and food products, traditions and the hospitality of this unique area, the experience of a lifetime that will stay in your hearts forever.

Our professional drivers will accompany you by car back to our headquarters in Fiesole or any other previously agreed upon destination.